A little about me

I have always been a dreamer with a big passion for makeup. I'm now making my dreams a reality. Life has it's set backs, but now at 26 years old with a beautiful and supportive family I get to start my career as a self-taught freelance makeup artist. 

I have lived in Estevan, Sask my whole life. I was a server for over 10 years in a few local bars and restaurants. After having my second little girl I got the chance to be a stay at home mom which pushed me to think about what really fuels my interests, that would be makeup and the whole beauty industry. I started obsessing over products and what makes some better than others, researching techniques and trends, also taking my previous knowledge from workshops and information I've soaked up throughout the years and applying that to my clients.

I didn't think in a oil booming town that anyone would be interested in a makeup artist not based in a salon, but boy was I wrong. After my little sister asked me to do her makeup for her graduation pictures, I started getting calls from other girls graduating and wanting my services. At this time I didn't really have a kit established so was sanitizing my own brushes and makeup so I was able to use them on others. After graduation season ended I started building a kit and doing my friends faces for weddings and special events, they had people commenting asking who did their makeup and more calls started coming in. I finally decided I would start advertising and expanding my clientele. 

So now we are here, I am currently taking bookings!

I have a lot of makeup artists I look up to such as;

*Jaclyn Hill

*Carli Bybel

*Bobbi Brown

*Desi Perkins


*Mario Dedivanovic 

*Samantha Ravndahl 

*Pat McGrath 

*Joyce Bonelli

*Laura Mercirer

*Hrush Achemyan

I mean if we are only naming a few! Don't get me started on brands or we would be here all day!


I look forward to hearing from you and turing a regular day into a beautiful one.

xo Chandra

"I believe all women are pretty without makeup, and can be pretty powerful with the right makeup." - Bobbi Brown