Hush Lash Studio Line/Lashes

Lashes to lashes, blush to blush.

Being a make-up artist is a smaller city I was ecstatic to find out the Fabutan tanning studio/Hush lash studio have a new cosmetics line out with everything you need for a beautiful face of make-up. From a blush and bronzer duo compact, numerous powder foundation compacts (5 shades) and beautifully pigmented, long lasting and smudge proof eye shadow pallets of 5 colours each, there is something for every skin tone and eye colour! Swatching these products in store you could feel they were smooth and buttery, then once I was applying them I couldn't believe the colour pay off!!! The powder foundations can be worn more subtle or can be built up for more coverage. The soft matte finish is absolutely stunning! There are also the indelible eyebrow pencil (3 shades) and indelible eyeliner pencils (4 shades), these are self sharpening, water resistant and smudge proof, you really can't get any better than that. There is also the indelible lip sticks (6 shades) and the lip pencils (2 shades) which are long lasting, contain vitamin E, skin conditioning, they also protect skin against moisture loss and also have a clear glossy top coat which makes it double ended and super convenient. Oh and the lip liners are water proof which is great so they won't run or start to smear.  
The best part about this line is it's specifically designed for women with eyelash extensions. Regular make-up usually, if not always contains some type of oil which can cause the glue for the eyelash extension to break down and let go of the extension. This line however is completely safe for the eyelash extensions, they even carry a mascara called "volume up"! Using regular mascara can transfer onto your lash extensions when you blink causing whatever ingredients for example oils to transfer onto your lash extensions which could again cause them to slide off. They advise to only put the hush cosmetics volume up mascara on the bottom lashes to keep your eyelash extensions soft and natural looking. Another great way to keep your eyelash extensions looking flawless is to use the clear lash coating. There are so many benefits to applying it and if used at least once a day it can last up to 6 months! The lash coating keeps the glue bonding, encourages growth of premature lashes, contains vitamin B, the coating helps to keep your lashes looking fresh and most importantly the nutrients help maintain the health and strength of your natural lash. 
Do not forget to take your makeup off everyday to ensure healthy skin! Hush has an incredible makeup remover that is completely safe to use with your lashes and you will be amazed at how easily it just wipes off any make-up.
Now that we have talked about the products and how amazing they are, I want to talk about my experience. When I first heard about Fabutan Estevan getting an eyelash extension add on I was so excited!! Another new product to try and obviously love. I'm a huge fan of the volume lashes because of the fullness and how soft they are. Booking was easily done through phoning the studio or done online, once I arrived I filled out a client form and they filed it away while the lash technician got the room ready. I was asked if I needed anything before we got started but I had brought my own water bottle knowing it was going to take around 1.5-2 hours for a full set. I laid down on the aesthetician bed and we got started. My lash tech put eye patches on the bottom lashes to keep them from getting mixed with the top lashes then away she went. It was 100% painless and the end result is 100% beautiful. One set of lashes lasted me without a fill for about 4 weeks. They started to get more thin and that'swhen I knew I needed to head back in for a fill which depending on how many lashes need to be filled will determine how long you're there. Also the time frame depends on how fast your lashes grow as well as how well you take care of them. Hush lash studio in Estevan has three different types of lash styles to choose from. Natural, volume, and Kardashian style (which is a more full volume ).  Which I think are all great but my favourites are the volume lashes. 
I was lucky enough to get to try out the blush/bronzer duo, foundation compact, clear lash coating, mascara, lipstick, eye liner, and 2 different colour eye shadow pallets and really couldn't be any more impressed. I use a lot of high end products in my line of work and would confidently say they are very comparable to the Hush cosmetics line. 

The first picture is the owner/manager of the Estevan Fabutan/Hush studio wearing the powder foundation, Mascara, lipstick, and eye shadow pallet in hot toddy.

The second is myself wearing the bronzer/blush duo compact in two fabulous, eyeliner in pitch black, eye shadow pallet in hot toddy, and the mascara. 


The link below is for the Fabutan/ Hush lash studio in Estevan, sk. I guarantee you will recive the best service from Lashes to Tanning and red light therapy! Don't hesitate to book online!